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April 2 2005

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Q: What do bathtubs have to do with the age of the universe?

A: The bathtub is actually a wonderful way to show the difficulty in trying to age-date the universe using scientific methods.

Imagine one day that you come home and find the bathtub half full of hot water, say 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Then you want to learn how long the water has been in the tub. There are many theories that you can explore.

First, the water came out of the tap nearly boiling hot and has been cooling for a long time.

Or secondly, the water was run at 150 degrees and has been cooling for less than an hour.

Or maybe the water has been in the tub for only about 5 minutes, because someone knew you were coming home.

Mathematically there’s no way that you can prove any one theory to be more accurate than the other. The only way to really know is to ask someone who was there when the water was run in the tub.

The same holds true for the age of the universe. The only way to know is to ask someone who was there. Since God was the only One there when the universe was created, we find our answers in God’s Word—and the universe is only thousands, not billions, of years old. [link deleted]