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Weekly News | Events                                                                                                                16 October 2004

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Q: In England there was an appeal to restore Charles Darwin’s house. How is this ironic?

A: There’s a very important lesson for us all to learn about Charles Darwin’s home being threatened by dereliction.

Quotable quote:

‘Paul Davies gets into all of the corners of research into the origin of life. … Cynically, one might conclude that much of his vague thinking in fact represents the sad state of affairs in this field of research. We are nowhere near understanding the origin of life. But let us try to avoid invoking miracles.’

– Written by evolutionist Dr. Per Bak, of the Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, while reviewing Paul Davies’ book The Fifth Miracle (New Scientist 160(2155):47, 10 October 1998).

The roof had fallen in on Darwin’s lab; the main house had a leaky roof; the walls of the study were being attacked by dampness and woodworm: without a great deal of effort, this home will eventually become a total ruin.

There’s a touch of irony to all of this. Darwin popularized the idea to millions and millions of people that everything has made itself, and that nature has, on a grand scale, organized matter from simple to complex … from chaos to cosmos!

But in reality, virtually every single scientific observation confirms that the very opposite is true. What we observe is that, because of the curse as a result of sin, everything that’s left to itself tends to run down—just like Darwin’s house!

Darwin’s house won’t rebuild itself—it will require a lot of intelligence and energy to improve it.

Likewise, the infinite Creator God created the first man from dust. Darwin’s decaying home should be a lesson to trust Genesis!

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