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Weekly News | Events                                                                                        26 June 2004

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Q: Do Ph.D. scientists still agree on a slow and gradual formation of the Grand Canyon?

Quotable quote:

‘Astronomers will grope their way in the dark tonight after the revelation that all their best ideas about the structure of the universe and the creation of galaxies are deeply flawed.’

– Tom Wilke, [sic Wilkie] The Age (Melbourne), 4 January 1991.

[The above was written after a comprehensive survey of the cosmos revealed that it was ‘too lumpy’ for existing evolutionary theories to explain. Not just the big bang, but the popular belief in some mysterious ‘cold dark matter’ seems impossible to sustain in light of a map which was the first chart of the ‘local area’ of our universe. This ‘local area’ map covers more than 2,000 galaxies out to a distance of about 450 million light-years.]

A: It’s so sad that people are still promoting this wrong view of the origin of the Grand Canyon. It’s also frustrating to have park rangers there present an evolutionary view of the Canyon’s formation.

However, we’re noticing that many evolutionary geologists are now agreeing with us that it did not take millions of years to be carved!

For a long time, creation scientists have been telling evolutionists that the Grand Canyon does not fit with the idea of millions of years of earth history. They have said that the Canyon had to be gouged out quickly by a large quantity of water. Many evolutionists are now conceding this point—they’ve realized that the Colorado River did not slowly erode the Canyon over millions of years.

Creationists believe the aftermath of Noah’s Flood had a lot to do with the formation of the Grand Canyon. The answer is in Genesis!


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