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Astronomical Links

Stars and Constellations Page
All you ever wanted to know about the Constellations and their Stars

The World's Largest Solar System Model
Tour the worlds largest model of the Solar System

The San Francisco Exploratorium
Directions for making your own solar system model

Renewable Energy: Make a Solar Cooker
Harness the power of the sun -- make a solar cooker

Internet Astronomy School
Activities from the Sea of Galilee Astrophysical Observatory

The Nine Planets
A multimedia tour of the solar system and much information!

The National Air and Space Museum
Take a virtual tour of this Washington D.C. museum

Earth and Moon Viewer
View the earth or moon from any perspective with different kinds of maps

Astronomy for Kids
"The Universe is a place that is vast beyond imagining... There are several sections to the site... and all of them should be easily understood by kids of all ages. Grownups are welcome, too, as long as they promise to behave."

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