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The Australian Aboriginal
John Stear

An attack by Ken Ham

"Someone, somewhere in their [Aboriginal] history, has turned away from the true God, devised their own religion and successfully persuaded their fellow Aboriginals to accept it. They have suffered the consequences of this. Instead of being a culture regenerated by God's standards, they have degenerated from them. Now, before you start shouting racist, take into consideration the fact that the European culture in Australia is little different."

" ...on the basis of a literal Biblical view of world history, aborigines have been in Australia less than 4,000 years (not 40,000). Many want land rights so that Aboriginal sacred or religious sites can be kept. Is this valid? Again, before we can decide, we must have a correct view of why they want sacred sites preserved. Is it that they want to preserve all things associated with their religion? If this is the case then to understand their religion, you have to understand their true history. Isn't their religion anti-God? Shouldn't Christians rather be telling the aborigines they need to turn to the true God of history and turn their back on pagan worship?"

"There is a tremendous response from aboriginal students in schools when they are told of their rightful place in history; when they are shown that their own cultural legends indicate they have a common ancestry with Europeans in Noah and they are not primitive, lesser beings."

 The quotes above are excerpts from Australian creationist Ken Ham's most provocative article, The Australian Aboriginal, which not only casts aspersions on the religious and cultural beliefs of Aborigines but attempts to undermine their protracted efforts to gain some measure of justice with regard to their claims for land rights.

And what is perhaps even more reprehensible, Mr Ham is keen to have his particularly distasteful brand of pseudo science taught to Aboriginal children.

Mr Ham and Answers in Genesis should be roundly condemned for their despicable efforts to use their parody of Christian values to undermine the Aboriginal people's beliefs, culture and aspirations.

For more articles of this nature, see Dr Colin Groves' The Science of Racism and his comments on articles by Dr Carl Wieland and Paula Weston.

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