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A Brief Joust With a Creationist

The following is a brief exchange of views between a creationist and the editor of the Skeptic


I would like to nominate in the pseudo-scientific piffle category all those scientists who follow the neo-Darwinistic nonsense that life forms evolved from nothing.   After all these years, still no proof but they hold on to these weird, unscientific and irrational notions.
Keep on exposing drivel like this, please....

Eric Ontong, Brisbane

To: "Eric Ontong" <ericontong@hotmail.com>
From: Barry Williams <skeptics@kasm.com.au>
Subject: Re: nomination for pseudo-scientific piffle


I must confess I have never come across this group, but they show a lot of cheek in calling themselves 'Darwinists' of any sort.  As we both know, neither Darwin nor any other biological scientist has proposed any such thing.

Perhaps they are another crank religious group like that bunch of idiotic pseudo-Christians who propose that some cosmic conjurer created the whole universe out of nothing some few thousands of years ago. I recall that they falsely claim to be scientists also.

Sadly there are lots of fools like this in the world.


Barry Williams
the Skeptic

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