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Creation Chicanery Exposed 
For the Umteenth Time!
John Stear

If proof is needed that creationists more often than not refuse to correct or withdraw incorrect, outdated or patently misleading information from their web sites and literature then look no further than Creationism Org.

"Creationism Org" seems to be a disseminating point for links to many creationist sites on the Internet and on that site I found a page called For Kids.  The fact that false and misleading material is found on this site is the more reprehensible because it is directed at children.

Amongst the usual creationist claptrap deliberately formulated to appeal to children is the following link to none other than the discredited creationist Carl Baugh. They describe Baugh's page thus:

"Dr. Carl Baugh's doctoral dissertation, "Academic Justification for Voluntary Inclusion of Scientific Creation in Public Classroom curricula, Supported by Evidence that Man and Dinosaurs were Contemporary". [my emphasis]

Carl Baugh's far fetched theories have proved too much even for creationist colleagues and consequently they disowned him some years ago.  You can read of his ignominy in Glen J. Kuban's  articles What About Carl Baugh? A Commentary by Answers in Genesis and A Matter of Degree which makes this comment on Baugh's credentials:

"Texas 'man track' enthusiast Carl E. Baugh claims to have 'degrees in theology' as well as advanced degrees in science. Baugh's 'man track' claims have been evaluated and refuted on the basis of the physical evidence alone, but an examination of his claimed credentials is warranted as well, since by claiming them, Baugh has linked their validity to his scientific credibility and integrity. The issue not is whether Baugh should have a particular degree, but whether the claimed degrees are legitimate and have been represented accurately."

The article continues:

" ... there is no evidence that Baugh has even a [sic] undergraduate degree in any field of science.

Not having science degrees is no crime; however, misrepresenting one's credentials is another matter. Baugh's alleged science degrees appear to be as dubious as his 'man track' claims, and ought to be of serious concern to his fellow creationists."

Kuban's article has this to say about Baugh's "scientific" claims:

" [Baugh's claims have] not stood up to close scientific scrutiny, and in recent years have been largely abandoned even by most creationists. Baugh's Paluxy claims have been among the least credible and most problematic, involving many ambiguous and doctored markings promoted as clear human prints. He also has actively promoted several loose carvings as genuine prints, including The Burdick Print ..."

Creationism Org must have been aware for some considerable time that Baugh's qualifications are fraudulent and that his claims that man and dinosaurs co-existed have been shown to be equally fraudulent.  At the bottom of Bough's "dissertation" page are the words, " Last Modified: May 25, 1998"!   

Another site containing creationist  material, The Interactive Bible continues to display on its Dinosaurs and Humans Co-existed page the thoroughly discredited "evidence" for man/dinosaur co-existence.  The Dinosaurs and Humans Co-existed page once carried a story suggesting that Glen Kuban and a colleague "destroyed" a "Fossil footprint".  See
Rebuttal to Rumor that I destroyed a Paluxy Track This accusation now appears to have been removed from the Interactive Bible site.

All references to Carl Baugh and his crackpot theories on the "For Kids" page and "The Interactive Bible" site should be removed at the earliest opportunity and an apology displayed in its place.  However, this is not likely to happen, given creationists' reluctance to amend or remove material shown to be false or misleading.  The best we can expect is that the offending material will silently disappear with no explanation. [See Note]

It's a sad fact that creationists, in common with all other purveyors of pseudo science and conspiracy theories, seldom if ever discard negative evidence.  It always hangs around and if it's just too silly for their "intelligent" customers they try it out on the more gullible. 

A thorough search of other web sites containing creationist material will probably reveal many more instances of Baugh and/or his so called evidence for the co-existence of man and dinosaurs.

Is there no end to creationists' chicanery?

Note: As of 21 August 2005 the offending material continues to be promulgated on the For Kids page.

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