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Events from Kansas  (off site)

Frequently Encontered Citicisms in Evolution vs. Creationism: Revised and Expanded (off site)


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The Institute for Creation Research (ICR) Falls for an
April Fool's Day Joke

Things Creationists Hate  (off site)

More Humour from the Indefatigable Sir Jim R. Wallaby

Inside the Mind of a Creationist

The Regurgiposting Creationist

Great moments in strange creationism
From miscellaneous creationists in my life

Michael Suttkus

Creationist Delusions

An Encounter with Walter ReMine

A Lesson in Creationist Ethics Featuring
Walter ReMine and Fred Williams

A Creationist's "Evidence" for a Young Earth

The Groves Collection

The Kuechmann Collection

Tributes to Some Notable Scientists

Strange Science  (off site)

Large Numbers and Deep Time  (off site)
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