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The Carl Baugh Page
John Stear

"Dr" Carl Baugh is a charlatan second only to "Dr" Kent Hovind.  Like Hovind Baugh's Credentials (also see Academic Justification for Voluntary Inclusion of Scientific Creation in Public Classroom curricula) are highly suspect. See A Matter of Degree: Carl Baugh's Alleged Credentials.

His main claim to fame was his attempt to peddle fake human footprints allegedly found alongside dinosaur footprints, claiming they were genuine. See Are Dinosaur and Human footprints found together in the Paluxy River near Glen Rose, Texas?.  Baugh's claims, of course, were quickly debunked. See The "Burdick Print".

Even Answers in Genesis has denounced Baugh as a fraud - condemnation indeed!  See What About Carl Baugh - A Commentary by Answers in Genesis.

All this is old news unless you're new to the science/creation debate, but despite being shown to be a fraud Baugh has managed to promulgate his loony ideas to web sites around the 'net.  Years after Baugh was thoroughly discredited (even by Answers in Genesis) his garbage still appears.  One such site is The Interactive Bible which has a link to Dinosaur & Human Footprints Together

Carl Baugh's museum is a laugh a minute.  See Creation Evidence Museum - Glen Rose, Texas USA and What I Did This Summer.

For more on Carl Baugh and other creationist loonies see Some Creationist Characters, part of a series of essays by Frank Zindler.

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