Canberra Skeptics invite you to a talk by


Professor Colin Groves

5.45 pm Sat 12 February 2005


The Studio, National Museum of Australia, Acton Peninsula


If you wish to join us afterwards for dinner (8 pm) at Vivaldi's, Uni Square, University Avenue, please advise Barbara Newman by phone or email.


To help celebrate Darwin Day the Canberra Sceptics present Professor Colin Groves from the Australian National University who will discuss Homo floresiensis, or the “Hobbit”, which caused a sensation when its discovery was announced late in 2004.  So tiny, so unexpected, so late in time yet so primitive - and right on Australia’s doorstep. Since then it has been accused of being anything from an australopithecine to a bird-headed dwarf.  What was it, really, and how does it fit into the human family tree?



Free Admission

Enquiries: Barbara Newman, phone 6231 5406