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I am the very model of a biblical creationist
Dave Williams

I am the very model of a Biblical creationist
I know more of biology than any old biologist
In libraries I'm never found,

But on the Web I'm all around,
Denying all biology except when it's saltationist

I am the very model of a Biblical creationist
I'm very fond of quoting from a certain punctuationist
A grand old man is Stephen Gould, He's oh-so-bright and very schooled,
Except for when he testifies in court against creationists.

Those evil evolutionists just want to live so sinfully
They cobble up their naturalistic, atheist conspiracy
Big charlatans are all I can imagine they could ever be
They can't be truly interested in scientific scrutiny
(end bridge)

Geologists, astronomers, biologists are on a tear
But engineers and lawyers know much more about what clues are there
The evolution of the cell,
We can't explain it very well,
And therefore all that we can do is throw our arms up in the air

I have no explanation for varieties that I can see
My total scientific understanding comes from AiG
I haven't grasped the concept yet,
And if I do I'll just forget,
And go on spouting crap about mutations and 2LoT

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