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Plagiarized Errors and Molecular Genetics
Another argument in the evolution-creation controversy

In December 1998 Edward E. Max, M.D., Ph.D., posted his updated article, Plagiarized Errors and Molecular Genetics, to the Talk.Origins Archive.

Creationist Dr Carl Wieland posted, on the Answers in Genesis web site, an article critical of Dr Max's arguments about shared seudogenes/retroposons, but failed to mention Dr Max's posting or provide a link to it.  

After reading the article Dr Max sent a response to Dr Wieland at AiG pointing out that Dr Wieland's article made critical errors and was completely invalid.  Some time later Dr Max received a message from Dr Wieland acknowledging that his article had problems and stating that he would withdraw it.  The article has indeed been removed from the AiG site, an admirable response which reflects the kind of respect for accuracy that is characteristic of real scientists and one that we hope will be adopted by more creationists in the future.

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