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Evolution for Kids

All the links below are to essays appearing on Bob Riggins' Web Site The essays are directed to children and parents.  These links appear on No Answers in Genesis! with Bob Riggins' kind permission.

The main purpose of No Answers in Genesis! is to ensure that children and parents are made aware of the overwhelming evidence for biological evolution.  To successfully achieve this aim and get the evolution message to as many children and parents as possible it is necessary to expose creationism for the pseudo science that it is.

*Creationism is not only anti evolution but anti science.*

How much potential talent has been dissuaded from ever considering a scientific career? How much vital scientific knowledge and methodology has been kept from even non-creationist youngsters because of pressures from creationist parents, school board members, textbook censors, and classroom teachers? How much government funding has been denied to important research because it offended a creationist congressman or his creationist constituency? How far behind other nations have our children fallen in science scores? What percent of the slots in our post-graduate science programs are filled by citizens of other countries?
How much will this ghetto ultimately cost us?

Bob Riggins - From "Welcome to the Ghetto".

Welcome to the Ghetto (of Scientific Illiteracy)

Noah's Speech (No, not that Noah)

The Watch in the Desert

Do You Believe in Evolution?


Noah's Bunnies

Thermodynamics for Two, Please


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