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(with apologies to Rudyard Kipling)

Dave Williams

If you can lose your head when all around you
are seeking for the truth in science books,
and let improbabilities astound you
and claim the world cannot be how it looks.

If you can just ignore the fossil record
and claim that it was laid down by a flood,
and say that evolution's past is checkered
'cause God says he made Adam out of mud.

If you think biologic understanding
is best shown by computer engineers,
confront the "evolutionists," demanding
they fill in every gap throughout the years.

If glaciers and erosion aren't persuasive
that our old earth is very plain to see,
then claim a plot by atheists invasive
like Lyell, Cuvier and Agassiz.

If you can see the facts, yet not get rattled
and fight a losing fight, then claim you've won,
cry "persecution!" when your view's embattled,
then you'll be a creationist, my son.

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