Introduction to Creationism

What is Creationism?
John Stear

What is Creationism?  (off site)
 Mark Isaak

Creationists and Scientific Logic
Scott Anderson

Science and Creationism
This could be the most important book on evolution/creationism
you will ever read

Why Creationism is Unscientific

A Review of Friar, W. (2000): Baraminology - Classification of
Created Organisms.
CRSQ 37(2):82-91
Thomas, August 2006

Ken Harding

Is Young-Earth Creationism a Heresy?
James Moore

Creation Research Projects  (off site)
Bob Riggins

The Evolution of Creationism  (off site)
"The species of religious thought called creationism continues to evolve by a
process of natural selection."

Victor J. Stenger

Henry Morris dies  (off site)
National Center for Science Education

Everything You Know About Genesis is Wrong  (off site)
The Austringer
The Weblog of Wesley R. Elsberry

John Perry's neglected critique of Kelvin's age for the Earth:
A missed opportunity in geo dynamics
  (off site)
The Geological Society of America

Creationism as a thinking disorder
Richard Bradshaw (Rev)
Mental Health Chaplain, Teesside, England. September 2007

You can tune a piano but you can't tunicate… (off site)
"[This] article is ostensibly about enumerating unsolved questions in evolutionary theory but instead what it does is highlight a deeply rooted set of character flaws in the 'creation science' movement and its leaders... "
Troy Britain, 22 June 2008

Lenski gives Conservapædia a lesson  (off site)
PZ Myers, 24 June 2008

Missing The Wrist (off site)
"If this is the sort of stuff that's used to promote 'critical thinking' in Louisiana classrooms, don't be surprised to hear about the great gravity hoax."
Carl Zimmer, 14 July 2008