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The True.Hogwash Archive, Part II
F.C. Kuechmann

There is an old maxim that it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt. An astonishing illustration of the wisdom of that maxim can be found at The True.Hogwash Archive (which pompously proclaims itself "A rational alternative to--but not affiliated with--the The Talk.Origins Archive) in the section Feedback from August 1999.

In response to a question from Murali Krishna Warier concerning the apparent geocentricity in the Christian bible, Timothy Wallace, the proprietor of The True.Hogwash Archive, responds as follows:

1) Where does the Bible state as absolute fact that the sun goes around the earth?
2) Knowledgeable men of science recognize that, while the geocentric view is no longer in use, it has not been ruled out by empirical science. The simpler interpretation (heliocentricity) is now the prevailing view because of its simplicity -- not because any empirical data has "proven" it to be correct and/or "proven" the geocentric view to be false.   

He buttresses the second part with the obligatory creationist citation from a non-creationist source [1] and the common misinterpreted out of context quote:

Bernhard Haisch, an astrophysicist at Lockheed Martin (one of several scientists who have recently raised challenges to certain aspects of Einstein's relativity[!]) said, "The Ptolemaic system had great agreement with observation, too..." [Discover Magazine, August 1998]. He went on to imply that the basis for rejecting it was that "it was silly." The term "silly" is a value judgement, and says nothing about the empirical data, which can still be interpreted in support of either geocentricity or heliocentricity. It so happens that, in accordance with the principle of Occam's razor, heliocentricity has won the day (whether it happens to be the correct interpretation or not).

I won't insult the intelligence of my readers by laboring the ludicrousness of "intellectually honest" Timothy Wallace's assertion that the scientific preference for heliocentricism over geocentrism is not based on empirical data. I will however, note that the August '99 feedback at The True.Hogwash Archive, like the rest of the proprietor's drivel, is "(c)1999 by Timothy Wallace. All Rights Reserved".

If I'd written something as intellectually challenged as Wallace's output quoted above, I'd attempt to destroy all traces of it and then crawl under a rock. I certainly wouldn't copyright it and expose it to public view on the internet.

But then, Timothy Wallace is a YEC (Young Earth Creationist).

[1] "Duane Gish didn't say it, so it must be True!"

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