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Ode to the Butterfly Mind

The Parliament of Butterflies
Was racked by deep division
Questions of what to teach the young
Demanded their decision.

It had been known and taught and thought
Since butterfly life began
That butterflies in glory rose
 From their creator's mighty hand

Now some few who this truth mocked
Had attacked faith's very pillars
"All butterflies," these scientists claimed,
"Came from caterpillars."

This indecent theory spread
Into butterfly education,
Until this "caterpillar cult"
Threatened creation's revelation.

The faithful sought to restore the truth
About the origins of butterflies;
And to build an absolute moral base,
To stop the metamorphic lies.

"Believe you descended from some worm
And wormlike you will be!"
Reasoned those who'd seen faith's light
And knew there was nothing left to see.

"We see no proof," some butterflies said
"That we are all come from cocoons--
Unbelievers who would teach this tale
Are all immoral loons."

Some said the metamorphous lie
Was laid by "the enemy," they believed,
Set, like candle flames and windshields,
To destroy all who were deceived.

The matter was at last resolved --
Both theories must be taught -- how fine!
Now all youth can simply decide the truth,
Each in their own simple butterfly mind.

Edwin F. Kagin

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