Replying to Some Sloppy Accusations


Kevin R. Henke, Ph.D. (yes, RevBob8, it works)


The following material may be freely copied and distributed as long as the author is acknowledged and the text is not altered, edited or sold. 




In a June, 2004 post on the "No Answers in Genesis" (NAiG) message board, RevBob8 (Rev. Bob) accused me of using quotations that don't exist and quoting scholarly works which either don't say what I claim or don't exist at all.  In other words, Rev. Bob is accusing me of making up quotations, grossly misrepresenting the contents of documents and fabricating references.  To my knowledge, this was the first time that anyone has ever made such unwarranted accusations against my reputation.  Because Rev. Bob's note was an underhanded character assassination, I must respond to these accusations. 


After I requested specific examples to support his accusations, Rev. Bob was only willing to refer to part of one paragraph in a web essay by creationist Dr. David Plaisted, which says:


Dr. Henke gives evidence that the decay rates have not changed. He says,

Dalrymple (1984, p. 88-89) refutes in some detail the various creationist claims that radioactive decay rates may be influenced by neutrinos, neutrons, and cosmic radiation, including Dudley's "neutrino sea."

I ordered Dalrymple's book (Dalrymple, G. B., 1991 The Age of the Earth Stanford University Press, 1991), but unfortunately it says nothing about the effect of neutrinos on decay rates.


Rev. Bob incorrectly claims that these brief statements in Dr. Plaisted's essay indicate that I used "a" scholarly work by G. B. Dalrymple in which the document I referenced doesn't say what I claim it says.   If Rev. Bob had properly read this small section of Dr. Plaisted's essay, he would have immediately realized that no deception was involved because Dr. Plaisted and I were not just referring to "a" scholarly work by G. B. Dalrymple.  TWO different references (Dalrymple, 1984 and Dalrymple, 1991) were involved.  Instead of immediately discussing my comments on Dalrymple (1984), Dr. Plaisted initially tried to find the information in the wrong Dalrymple reference (that is, Dalrymple, 1991). 


Rev. Bob's gross misinterpretations of Dr. Plaisted's essays, my web replies, and my June 7, 2004 letter to him, and his inability to distinguish Dalrymple (1991) from Dalrymple (1984) clearly demonstrate that his current reading and comprehension skills need to vastly improve before he will be able to constructively participate in any creation/evolution discussions.   When his behavior and scholarly abilities improve, I would like to have further discussions with him.




On June 4 (Queensland, Australia Time), 2004, the following anonymous post appeared on the "No Answers in Genesis" (NAiG) Message Board:


Your "No Answers in Genesis" web site


Posted by RevBob8 on June 4, 2004, 12:16 am [Queensland Time, Australia]


Just visited your "No Answers in Genesis" web site.  I found it opinionated and juvenile, not much above what I expected. One thing you need to correct, however, is the large number of articles by "Dr." Kevin Henke.  No, I'm not disputing his Ph.D. - I'm sure he actually has one.  My problem is with his veracity.  He has been proven time and again, in attempts to prove his points, to use facts and quotes which don't exist and to quote scholarly works which either don't say what he claims or don't exist at all.  By citing works of his on your side [sic], you have effectively destroyed any and all credibility you may have hoped to harness.


Over the years people have disagreed with my views.  I can accept the fact that people often sincerely disagree. Others have offered constructive criticism and have pointed out my mistakes.  I welcome this and in response I have made corrections and clarifications to my essays in the past. However, this is the first time in my memory that anyone has ever attacked my character and accused me of fabricating scientific references and quotations.



Because the integrity of my writings depends on my accuracy and veracity, I must aggressively defend myself against any attempts to defame my character.  Therefore, I decided to contact RevBob8 to ask him for specific evidence to support his accusations.  I was able to locate a likely name along with a mailing address and several email addresses for RevBob8 or a.k.a. "Reverend Bob."  None of the email addresses were active, so I wrote him a snail mail letter on June 7, 2004.  The complete text of the letter follows and explains why I take his accusations seriously:   

I would like to know if you are the "RevBob8" that recently posted the attached comments at the pro-evolution "No Answers in Genesis" website.  If not, I apologize for taking your time and you may disregard this letter.  If you are the author, you have made some very serious, but unsubstantiated, accusations about the quality of my work. If you can unequivocally demonstrate that the accusations in the attached statements are true, I'm obligated to correct my mistakes.


The attached flippant statements claim that I often use quotations that don't exist and quote scholarly works which either don't say what I claim or don't exist at all.  In other words, these statements accuse me of making up quotations and fabricating references.  These are very serious accusations and, if they're yours, you have a moral obligation to either retract them or present solid evidence to back them up. If these are your statements, I would like you to provide some specific examples from my essays to support your claims.  When have I fabricated any scholarly works or quotations?  If I have misquoted anyone, please cite the paragraphs in my essays and unambiguously justify why they are misquotations. 


If you believe these accusations are true, why didn't you contact me personally with your concerns?  My email address ( is at my web page at "No Answers in Genesis" or you could have relayed a message to me through John Stear, the owner of the website.  His email address is at the bottom of the home page.  Anonymous "drive-by" spamming is childish and non-constructive. If you are the author of this memo, at least you should have had the courage to post your accusations under your real name with an active email address.  Now, if you can cite valid examples to justify these currently unsupported accusations, I will make the necessary corrections to my essays.  If not, I would appreciate an apology for maliciously slandering me.  

           Sincerely, Kevin R. Henke, PH.D.,

University of North Dakota,

Geology, December, 1997





For some reason, Rev. Bob was unable to contact me through my email address, so as recommended in my letter, he emailed John Stear, the owner of NAiG.  (Note: Others have had no problem contacting me at Statements in his email clearly indicate that he was the anonymous author of the NAiG post. He also makes some additional statements that are totally without merit.  The complete text of the email that he sent to John is shown below except that, for the sake of his privacy, I have edited out information on the identity of Rev. Bob:


Mr. Stear,


I'm writing to you because I have no other avenue. I received a harrassing [sic, "harassing"] letter in my mail from a Dr. Kevin Henke, who claimed that I could get hold of him through you. It seems I'll have to, since the e-mail address he sent in his letter ( was faulty and the post I attempted to send to him repeatedly bounced.


If you would be so kind, please forward my post to him (I've pasted it below). And as I don't appreciate him sending me the letter in the first place (how insecure do you have to be to track someone down and "snail-mail" them because of a post on a message board), and I certainly don't appreciate it being sent with a faulty return e-mail address attached, please also pass along my request for Dr. Henke not to bother contacting me again.


Thank you. 



-----> Dr. Henke, I received your unsolicited, and what might constitute harrassing [sic, "harassing"], letter in the mail the other day. I would not have wasted my time replying to it, but I noticed the "another liar for Jesus" comment, so I took the bait.


You asked for evidence of what I said. Then I direct your attention to


The very first statement after the introductory paragraph shows how you cited a quote from a "scholarly work" by a G. B. Dalrymple in which the quote you reference doesn't say what you claim it says. Point made, Dr. Henke. All through that document (and others in response to Dr. Plaisted) are cites and quotes that you have "spin-doctored" to back your opinion and agenda.


I posted that comment to that web site because I find that you have done what I claim you have done. I believe you'll say anything or make any claim in order to disprove or put down someone who believes differently than you do. Science is wrong - God did create the universe. But I'm not going to be able to prove that to you to your satisfaction because you've already got your mind made up otherwise. And you'll never convince me that some primordial gas and dust exploded 13.7 billion years ago and formed the universe, and somehow we all came to exist in it by some massive biological accident. 


However, people are going to debate this issue until the end comes - one way or the other. And the main point of that debate needs to be that they debate it honestly, to the best of their ability. Please do that as well, if you're going to be part of that debate.





When Did I Accuse Rev. Bob of being "Another Liar for Jesus"?


So how true are Rev. Bob's accusations?  To begin with, where did I accuse Rev. Bob of being "another liar for Jesus" in the above letter?   The words "liar", "another liar for Jesus", or "lying" never appear in my letter.  Rather than making any "another liar for Jesus" comments, I demanded evidence and I told him that I would be willing to correct any mistakes in my essays.  I did accuse Rev. Bob of maliciously slandering me (technically, it's libel), but I believe that his inexcusable behavior was due to ignorance, spite, immaturity, thoughtlessness, and just plain jumping to irrational conclusions rather than any premeditated deception.  That is, I think that Rev. Bob sincerely believes the vicious and delusional misconceptions he has of me. Unless he can provide unequivocal evidence to support his witch hunt against me, I will continue to consider his accusations to be malicious and unsubstantiated. Clearly, Rev. Bob has made some serious errors in comprehension when he "read" my letter. 


WHICH Dalrymple Reference, Rev. Bob and How Was I Deceptive?


Secondly, does the text from Dr. Plaisted's essay support Rev. Bob's accusations that I lack veracity? Below are the relevant statements from Dr. Plaisted's essay where Rev. Bob claims that I used "a 'scholarly work' by a G. B. Dalrymple" in which the quote I reference doesn't say what I claim it says:  


Dr. Plaisted writes:


Dr. Henke gives evidence that the decay rates have not changed. He says,

Dalrymple (1984, p. 88-89) refutes in some detail the various creationist claims that radioactive decay rates may be influenced by neutrinos, neutrons, and cosmic radiation, including Dudley's "neutrino sea."

I ordered Dalrymple's book (Dalrymple, G. B., 1991 The Age of the Earth Stanford University Press, 1991), but unfortunately it says nothing about the effect of neutrinos on decay rates.


Even a cursory reading of these statements shows that Dr. Plaisted and I are talking about TWO DIFFERENT references by Dr. G. B. Dalrymple.  I refer to Dalrymple (1984). Before discussing Dalrymple (1984, p. 88-89) in subsequent paragraphs, for some reason, Dr. Plaisted refers to Dr. Dalrymple's 1991 book and discovers that information on any effects of neutrinos on radioactive decay rates is not in this reference.  Obviously, Rev. Bob didn't carefully read this section and inappropriately assumed that I somehow misled Dr. Plaisted with Dalrymple (1991).  Otherwise, why would Rev. Bob accuse me of misrepresenting a (ONE) scholarly reference when in reality Dr. Plaisted was initially looking for the relevant information in the wrong Dalrymple document (that is, Dalrymple, 1991)?  So, how am I being deceptive, Rev. Bob?  Why didn't you carefully read Dr. Plaisted's and my statements before making your rash accusations?  Did you even bother to check Dalrymple (1984) and (1991) to really understand the issue?  Sorry, Rev. Bob, because the materials don't support your rash accusations against me, no "points" for you.


More Broad and Groundless Accusations


Rev. Bob also makes further vague and broad-brushing accusations against me in his email and as usual can't or won't provide any specifics:


All through that document (and others in response to Dr. Plaisted) are cites and quotes that you have "spin-doctored" to back your opinion and agenda.


Of course, I completely deny these unsupported accusations.  Rev. Bob, did you actually look up and read these references before you accused me of "spin-doctoring" them or are you only basing your accusations on what you think Dr. Plaisted wrote?  Also, how can I "spin-doctor" these citations when the vast majority of them are scientific references that support radiometric dating and refute claims made by young-Earth creationists (YECs)?  Before blindly misinterpreting and deriving malice from Dr. Plaisted's essay and then developing unsubstantiated accusations against my integrity, Rev. Bob needs to properly READ the relevant materials and THEN provide unequivocal evidence to support any accusations. Rev. Bob has the burden of proof. So far, he has failed to justify any of his allegations.


Dr. Plaisted's Essays


Rev. Bob also needs to realize that Dr. Plaisted is a computer scientist and not a geologist.  While I greatly admire Dr. Plaisted's integrity and intelligence, I believe that he is often sincerely mistaken. I have addressed a few of his misunderstandings and misconceptions in the following essays:


"Actualism vs. Dr. Plaisted's Inadequate Uniformitarianism"


"Woodmorappe's Shotgun Attack on 40Ar-39Ar Dating: Many Misses and Few Hits"


"Woodmorappe Can't Read Rb-Sr Diagrams"


I will write additional essays on Dr. Plaisted's claims as time permits.


Accusations of Falsifying References


In his post, Rev. Bob also rashly accuses me of fabricating references and he did not retract this obnoxious claim in his email to John and me.  Again, I think that Rev. Bob sincerely believes that I "quote" scholarly works that "don't exist at all."  However, I think that his misconceptions are due to the fact that he repeatedly fails to carefully read and comprehend what he sees.  So, Rev. Bob, where are these "falsified" references in my replies to Dr. Plaisted or any other essay that I've written?  For Rev. Bob's convenience, I've listed all the references that I've used in my essays with Dr. Plaisted.  They are located at the end of this essay.  Rev. Bob, please tell us which ones don't exist.  However, for your sake, I strongly recommend that you look up these scholarly works before you make any more rash allegations about them not existing at all.  Even better, maybe you should actually read the scientific articles before jumping to conclusions and claiming that I have "spin-doctored" them to support my "agenda". 


Rev. Bob's Anonymous and Unsupported Allegations are Unworthy of his Intelligence


If Rev. Bob had contacted me personally I could have discussed these issues with him. Rev. Bob could have then read the relevant references and discussed radiometric dating further with both Dr. Plaisted and me.  Over the years I've had many constructive email discussions with a number of YECs and other individuals that disagree with my beliefs.  Although we don't always resolve our disagreements, at least each side learns from the other and recognizes that the other is sincere. However, instead of providing an open, constructive and thorough presentation of his concerns, Rev. Bob chose to anonymously attack my integrity and he then failed to back up ANY of his groundless accusations. 




Rev. Bob needs to carefully read Dr. Plaisted's essay, my original essay, Dalrymple (1984), Dalrymple (1991) and our other references before he embarrasses himself by making outlandish and false accusations.  As for Rev. Bob's hurt feelings about being "harassed" by my letter, he wouldn't have been in this situation if he hadn't posted a libelous attack against me and then tried to cower behind anonymity. 


Finally, I have never accused Rev. Bob of being "another liar for Jesus."  The letter was a solicitation for evidence and a sincere offer to correct any mistakes.  Now, I want to be clear about this. I DO NOT accuse Rev. Bob of being deliberately dishonest.  I think that Rev. Bob sincerely believes the malicious things that he sees and IMAGINES in the writings of various YECs. Although I believe that Rev. Bob is an intelligent person, I also think that he currently lacks the reading, comprehension, critical thinking, social and communication skills that are required to understand the science in my essays and constructively participate in any creation/evolution discussions. I am confident that with some patience, discipline and careful study that his behavior and scholarly abilities will improve.  I would then like to have further discussions with him via John's or my email.



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