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Secondhand Quotes
(to the tune of "Secondhand Rose")
Dave Williams

I have got a website, strictly second-hand,
all on evolution, and how it should be banned.
Stuff that's on the website, came from AiG,
None of it was written or edited by me.
It's no wonder my site gets abused,
I never post a thing that ain't been used!

I've got second-hand claims, second-hand notes, and the highlights are the second-hand quotes.

Even the ellipses and deletions, have been cut and pasted in completion.

Second-hand names, second-hand claims, I never post a single thing that's new!

Even Dave Plaisted, he's a man I adore,
says the stuff I took from him was posted before!

Everyone notes I'm posting second-hand quotes,and acting like they're new.

I'm posting second-hand stuff, and hey, what is "tuff"? All of this about geology's rough!

What I post, I just can't understand it,
couldn't be more clueless if I planned it.

Second-hand things, from all these fundy webrings, I never really understand their view,

Once I got an e-mail from a source that made me groan, Turns out that the quote I used was by its source disowned!

Everyone notes I'm posting second-hand quotes, and acting like they're new.

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