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The X-Nilo Show
John Stear

(Links updated 29 May 2008)

The X-Nilo Show is an excellent example of the brainwashing techniques creationists use on children.  The home page has this to say:

"The X-Nilo Show  is an exciting, new television program for kids (ages 7-13), which promotes a Biblical worldview through examining various views of origins. X-Nilo is an abbreviated form of the Latin word "Ex-Nihilo," meaning 'out of nothing.' This communicates the truth that God made the Earth and heavens out of nothing, demonstrating his power and dominion.

"The show, in style, incorporates learning methods demonstrated in children's science programming such as 'Bill Nye the Science Guy' and 'Beakman's world' (i.e. humorous, contemporary, fast-paced, and zany). The first episode (now available for purchase) features the topic of 'Dinosaurs and the Bible.'"

Of particular interest is the What Kids are Saying page.  The comments of children in a "second grade class at a Christian school outside of Philadelphia, PA" make it clear that young minds are being turned away from science by the unscrupulous actions of creationists like those who present the X-Nilo Show

Although the X-Nilo Show admits to incorporating "methods demonstrated in children's science programming such as 'Bill Nye the Science Guy' and 'Beakman's world''" [see note below] the resemblance ends there. The X-Nilo Show contains little science and, by its own admission, uses the Bible to prevent children, unfortunate enough to be Christian home schooled or who attend a fundamentalist Christian school, gaining any knowledge of bona fide science.

On the X-Nilo Show's "Other Creationist Sites" page can be found links to The Creation Network (TCN);  Answers in Genesis (AiG) and Institute for Creation Research (ICR).  Included in their description of ICR is this hilarious comment:

"ICR is a ministry to the scientific community.  They have over a dozen scientists on staff who are constantly performing new scientific research.  They have published many findings that have rocked the evolutionary community.  Check it out!"

I suggest the only thing that might "rock the evolutionary community" is the claim that any creationist organisation employs scientists who perform any scientific research.

Note:    The Bill Nye television show seems to be defunct and Beakman was taken off the air in 1997, but see Beakman's world.

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