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Other Issues

Creationism and Racism

Craig McClaren's Web Page: An Example of Creationist Pseudo-science at its Worst  (off site)

Creationist Deceptions Exposed

Creationist Lies and Blunders  (off site)

Stumper Questions for Creationists   (off site)

A Message from (and a Response to) an "Educated" Creationist

Paleontologist Marty Leipzig destroys a Creationist's misconceptions  (off site)

Creationist Arguments: The Monkey Quote (off site)

How Often Does Science Have to Refute Creationists' Arguments?

The Case Against Perloff
Adam Crowl

The PRATTs (Points Refuted a Thousand Times) List (off site)

The Life and Death of Malachite Man (off site)

Ten Questions Creationists Can't Answer Without Resorting to the Supernatural (off site)

Articles in Opposition to Creationism (off site)

Creationism and Pseudo Science (off site)

"Telling Lies for God"? One Man's Crusade (off site)

Other Creationist Arguments (off site)

Two short essays illustrating the flawed tactics of creationists (off site)

The Coso Artefact - Mystery from the Depths of Time  (off site)

Fossil Hoax

The London Hammer: An Alleged Out-of-Place Artifact  (off site)

Teaching Evolution

The Arkansas Comic Book Bill

Foolishness in Cobb County, Georgia

The Forces of Darkness Win in Kansas - Another Blow to Scientific Literacy in
the United States
(off site)

Evolution for Kids

A Word to the Wise
Christopher C. Tew

Is Dr Andrew Snelling Bringing His Profession into Disrepute?

Young-Earth Creationists Dull Occam's Razor
Dr. Kevin R. Henke

It'll Take a Miracle to Save their "Science"
Dr. Kevin R. Henke

The Imminent Demise of Evolution: The Longest Running Falsehood in Creationism  (off site)
G.R. Morton  

Sea-monster or Shark?  (off site)
An Analysis of a Supposed Plesiosaur Carcass Netted in 1977
Glen J. Kuban

Young Earth Argument: Is The Speed Of Light Decreasing? (off site)

Flat-earth society's warriors  (off site)
Robyn Blumner
Published: February 25, 2007

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